Kids' Learning Games and Activities
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Play is work to children. Kids' learning games and preschool educational activities are the best tools to teach children. It is through play that kids enjoy themselves and find learning fun. This positive experience turns a child into a passionate learner in years to come. It helps to nurture the attitude and mindset of a child to be a keen learner since young.

The child will take this positive mindset to adulthood. Having a right learning attitude is important since one can never stop learning throughout in life.

With this strong belief, I turn from a professional executive into a stay at home mom to coach my children. To me, parents need to take responsibility to create learning opportunities for our children. This is what we have done...

"What matters is that our children grow up to have a LOVE for Learning, and to be Life-Long Learners. It is a Marathon, not a Sprint."

- Heng Swee Keat, Former Singapore Education Minister.

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Learning is Fun

We make learning interesting and enjoyable. Kids develop continuous passion to acquire knowledge when they find it fun. Learning and acquiring knowledge becomes a JOY and NOT a CHORE anymore!!

Learning Games for Kids and Educational Activities need not be Costly

We do not spend huge amount of money to buy the latest games, gadgets or toys when teaching our kids. Some of my creative ideas.....

- How a stay at home mom can teach preschoolers with daily activities. There is no need to spend a single cent.

- Teach kids learn to tell time easily with a few practical steps.

- Learn science without expensive equipments or kits. Arouse the curiosity and build kids' observation skills with easy hands-on science experiments.

- Groom kids to be a passionate reader with guided reading activities instead of simply reading to them daily.

- Create and play some fun math activities. It is so much fun that our kids beg us to teach them math.

- Make learning fun for the whole family with kids' printables for family time.

How to Choose Educational Games and Kids’ Fun Activities

Select the right learning games and activities for our kids is important. We may want to consider some factors such as children learning styles and age level. I strongly suggest these 7 important considerations when selecting kids' learning games.

Promote Balance Lifestyle and Habit for Our Children

We give our children a balance lifestyle and habit before inappropriate screen time habit kicks in.

With information technology advancement, internet, television and many modern gadgets have provided lots of educational entertainment for kids. However, studies had shown that too much screen time per day has negative effect on children development and behavior.

Educational activity such as art and craft has therapeutic effect. It is a good way for kids to reduce stress.

Do you know that garden is one of the greatest learning playgrounds for kids? Include outdoor activities in the garden. We keep them learning and physically healthy at the same time.

Play Online Games with Educational Value

There are many online games available. Be aware that some of these games promote violent and aggressive behavior. I have painstakingly gone through the search myself to find online learning games for kids with educational value and appropriate topic. These are online games that I personally let my kids play and learn.

Take Responsibility in Teaching Our Children

In this part of the world most children enrolled in tuition centers. Most parents frowned on me for not enrolling my kids in any tuition. The rote learning system schools are not doing good to the children either. Though Singapore has one of the best education systems but sending my children back is not a viable option due to family reason. Anyway, Singapore education system is known for being too stressful for kids. It kills off the learning interest. Home schooling is not allowed under law.

Our children still attend school in Malaysia but we take educating our kids into our own hands. Coaching the children at home allow us to adopt the best curriculum as supplementary learning resources for teaching them. Learning materials such as Math Worksheets based on Singapore Math and many others are available on this site.

Bond with Our Child

We take this opportunity to bond with our kids while teaching them. I strongly believe this positive learning experience will pay off in the long term. It inspires them to continue to be a passionate learner. The good memory of learning with us, their parents, stays with them forever.

Parents are the best teachers for children. Teach them with learning games. Play educational activities with them... Have Fun!!

"Develop a Passion for Learning. If you do, you'll never cease to Grow"

- Anthony  J.D.' Angelop

Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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